The Distraction Club

It’s October. what else can you do? These people don’t even really need costumes, but when they decide to put them on, it’s madcap adventures all round. The Halloween Show, 2011

Super awesome (and super famous) Rich Hall graced our stage in December, for the Christmas Show extravaganza, a show which will live in infamy and hilarity forever.

The incredibly talented, massively funny and envy inspiring Abandonman headlining the show back in February. Hilarity ensues.

Some from the vault!

The very first Distraction Club ever, back in April 2011. How far we’ve come…

I came along to take photos, and laughed my ass off while doing so. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so unprofessional in my life. Well. Apart from that time I did that thing with the Segues. But, you know. They don’t remember and I’m not supposed to.

Des O’Connor tried to convince an audience he could play every instrument, but we weren’t really buying it. And then he did, so we did. Without even breaking a sweat (Des that is, the audience were wetter than a white-water kayaker in a monsoon). And on a personal note, can I just say. Not since that toothless Romanian woman I met in Timesoara has an accordion been so sex. July, 2012. The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, London. 

July, 2012. Mitch Benn abandons his regular post at The Distraction Club, and Silky takes over, quite successfully indeed. The crowds go wild, a riot ensues, guns are drawn, lines are crossed, lawyers turn out to be more expensive than anyone originally thought, and a gentlemen’s agreement is made. Hands are shaken, glasses mended, and everyone goes away a little bit wiser. - The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, London

Christian Reilly steps up to the mike and keeps us loling till we can lol no more. Distraction Club, July 2012 @ The Phoenix - Cavendish Square, London

Barry Castagnola rocks the Distraction Club as Figsy, July 2012. The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, London

Finale, June 5th 2012. Photos taken by @Budgie

Matt Blair, June 5th 2012. Photos taken by @Budgie